When Sandra and Nicolas first met,  a few years ago, they were far from suspecting that one day they would be making music together!

Sandra is a Blues and Jazz singer whereas Nicolas passionately worships "the Beatles"  music, plays guitar and sings in Rock bands. 
Yet when Nicolas asked Sandra to help him out with English lyrics, she gladly gave it a try and that was the starting point of their musical partnership.

They wrote many songs together and eventually decided to perform them in front of an audience. 
They set up a first, and later a second band and played them on stage. At each concert, the audience responded very positively to their music.


After the split up of their last band, they decided to carry on singing together as a duet paying tribute to the legendary Beatles' songs.
And all the while Nicolas continued to write songs and Sandra developped her Blues and Jazz singing career.

Sometime later, they focused on the idea of recording their songs in a studio. 
So they gathered several excellent musicians of their acquaintance and started work in Thierry Chassang's recording studio.

During the making of the album, the idea of forming a new band gradually grew in their minds. They called it Caroll Macsana and Friends.

Video clips were produced ; concerts and venues are being scheduled and a second album in partnership with Blackmouse Records, an indie Label, is already waiting to be recorded.

An exciting adventure Sandra and Nicolas want to share WITH YOU!