Lead singer, Lyricist, Composer


Unlike Nicolas and the Friends, Sandra got involved in music and singing at a later age as she did not at all intend to embrace a singing career at first.

Caught up in circumstances and events, she ended up in the Conservatory of Le Mans, studying Jazz and theory, and graduated seven years later.

In the meantime, she experimented her music and vocal skills on stage with ten different bands (duet, trio, quintet, musical collective, choirs...) with styles ranking from Jazz music to Rock, going through Blues, Classic, Rythm 'n Blues and Gypsy Jazz. She managed surprisingly well with all those repertoires and the real tough part was to make a choice.

In very little time, Sandra sang in several famous festivals of the Pays de la Loire (Europajazz, So Blues, Rendez-vous de l'Erdre, Jazzy Krampouezh, Rockavib, Guitaralde...)

In 2012, she opened concert for American Blueswoman Candye Kane and the press described her as "the local Blues singing revelation".

In 2016, Sandra had great success with her project "Sandra Caroll Quintet" (with Olivier Carole and Mogan Cornebert) at the Rendez-vous de l'Erdre Festival, and her growing audience jumped to 3,000 people.

In 2011, Sandra took part in a first creative collaboration and vocal duet with Nicolas Macsana as they both sing in "Artyfis" and later in "Caroll Macsana". She dived into an ocean of Pop and Rock music and swam ashore with an artistic partnership, an album "So On" and a new band "Caroll Macsana & Friends".