Musician: Bass, Vocals

Olivier played bass guitar in several musical projects next to national as well as international artists such as:

Ben l'Oncle Soul // Backpack Jax // Taÿfa // Manu Katché // Catherine le Forestier // Sixun // Lawrence Clais // Nelson Veras // Stéphane Galland // Loten Namling // Leslie // David Pasquet // Jean-Charles Guichen // Merzhin // Les Vendeurs d'Enclumes // Gad Elmaleh // Jamel Debbouze // Oceakyl // Sandra Caroll Quintet

Olivier is a very gifted musician capable of playing various musical genres ; He has perfomed abroad in no less than 33 countries.

He appears regularly on TV shows such as Nulle Part Ailleurs (Canal +) // Le Hit Machine (M6) // Dance Machine 2000 (M6) // Les Années Tubes (TF1) // Le Grand Journal (Canal +)  // One Shot Note (Arte) // Taratata (France2 / France4) // NRJ Music Awards (TF1) // Les Victoires de la Musique (France2 / France4) // Later With Jools Holland (BBC) // Acoustic (TV5 Monde).

Olivier has been teaching bass guitar for 18 years to music students at Jazz-à-Tours, a French Jazz School. He also conducts workshops, gives masterclasses all over France and takes part in the development of two bass and music teaching methods.

Olivier performed all the bass guitars on the album "So On", except on "Love". 


Musician: Drums, Percussions

Mogan grew up listening to Jazz and Rock music and started playing on drums at the age of 9. Later on, he got interested in percussions.

Mogan studied music in the Conservatory of Tours, then attended Jazz-à-Tours school and ended his musical education thanks to many colourful and enriching musical encounters .

His musical influences are quite eclectic ; Aka Moon, James Brown, Steve Reich, Coltrane,  and Led Zeppelin for instance and amongst many others ;

Mogan played all over France with several artists who have, alltogether, different musical genres such as Zem // Oceakyl // Jacques Gamblin // Andy Sheppard // Mallet Horn Jazz Band // Arkady Shilkloper // Pavement Bangerz // Walter Sobcek // Morgan Ji // Sandra Caroll Quintet // Jean-Louis Pommier // Chantemômes //

He has signed 2 endorsement contracts  with DW Drums and with T-Cymbals.

Mogan has also been teaching drums and percussion for many years at Jazz-à-Tours school  and at the CESMD in the French Poitou-Charentes region.

Mogan played the drums on most of the songs of the album "So On", all of them except "Love" and "A Kid of the World". He did some percussions too.


Musician: Lead guitar

Tox fell in love with good old Rockabilly music listening to Bill Haley's "Rock around the clock" and was absolutely amazed by the sound of electric guitars.

He bought his first guitar at the age of 14, a white Aria Deluxe, and started playing. As passionate guitar collector, he has since then acquired and sold nearly 400 guitars!

Tox is a self-taught guitarist. He practiced learning by ear all the guitar parts of David Bowie, Otis Redding and Booker T's records.

He first performed in an orchestra, and was immediately noticed and hired at the age of 17, teaming up with Ubik, an experimental songwriting band. This helped him improve his musical skills in no time. With Ubik and Peter Hammill (founding member of Van Der Graaf Generator), he recorded the album "Surf", in Bath, released in 1983.

In 1984, Tox met french singer Étienne Daho, introduced to him by Frank Darcel, guitarist in the french band Marquis de Sade. The album "La Notte", released that same year, was the key to a musical collaboration that lasted 15 years.

Tox also toured a few months in Japan with french singer Sapho, where he met David Bowie's famous guitarist Carlos Alomar. At the same time, he became more of an independant musician as occasional partnerships were increasing (Starshooter, Bill Pritchard, Daniel Darc, Françoise Hardy...)

In the early 90s, Tox toured with Étienne Daho and french rock artist Alain Baschung. A few years later, he performed on stage and in recording studios with famous artists such as Indochine, Peter Kingsbery or Jacques Higelin.

After 2000, he turned to celtic music playing on Alan Stivell's album "Back to Breizh", on Denez Prigent's album "Sarac'h", working with the Guichen Brothers and eventually taking part in the Celtic Procession collective.

In 2007, Tox composed 8 songs on Étienne Daho's album "The Invitation".

Since 2009, he plays in turns with the band Republik, Jean-Charles Guichen, the band Breizharock, and the Celtic-Berber project Taÿfa in which he met Olivier Carole and Phil Collas.

Tox played guitar on 5 songs of the album "So On" : "Trapped", "Beautiful Night", "Upside Down", "Trouble" and "Hatred (Love)". 


Musician: Piano, Keyboards, Backing vocals

Phil's connection to music goes way back to his early childhood: at 3 years old he already fiddles with a Novanex red lamp transistor.

His parents were musicians and of course that could explain it all!

He starts playing piano and saxophone very young in a classical repertoire.

In his teens, he was deeply fascinated by Kraftwerk ans immediatly took an interest in sound research.

After 10 years of studies on classical music at the conservatories of Tours and Paris, Phil opens up to other musical genres, especially World music, as he explores France and travels around the world (Africa, Caribbean Islands, United States, Polynesia, Guyana, Suriname...). He got to work with various artists such as Florent Pagny, Deep Forest, Taÿfa (a Celtic and Berber influenced band), composing many songs for the latter on 2 albums (Sony Music), Jean-Jacques Goldman or Hubert-Félix Thiéfaine.

The people he met along the way have led him to become arranger and to work with several Recording Studios (Méga in Paris, ICP in Brussels, Master Studio in Le Mans) for many international artists such as Peter Kingsbery, Manu Katché, Robert Charlebois, Thierry "Titi" Robin, Leslie, Neiman and many others.

Phil also wrote music for TV documentaries ("Albert Uderzo", "Locomotive la Mikado", "Tembotrip voyage en Afrique").

In all his musical creations, Phil tries to combine things he loves:

   - Human relationship,

   - Astronomy,

   - and Music, of course!

Phil played keyboards on 7 songs of the album "So On" : "Baby Doll", "Play the Game", "Beautiful Night", "So On", "Wholeness", "The Light Inside" and "Trouble".


Musician: Lead guitar, Vocals

Macson's musical adventure started in 1968. At that time, he was attending the "Ecole Normale" School in Le Mans.

He started a band called "Heaven Road" with three of his classmates. At first, they performed cover songs of famous bands such as Colosseum, The Who, Jethro Tull or Soft Machine.

Before long, the four friends began writing songs, and also setting music on Verlaine's poem "Soleils Couchants".

Their musical repertoire got larger, concerts came up one after the other, and three years later, the four students decided to give up the "Ecole Normale" School and fully dedicated themselves to music.

After performing many memorable concerts at the Golf Drouot, they drew the attention of a music producer who suggested to rename the band "Satan".

In 1973, at the Golf Drouot, Macson and his friends were awarded the title of "best semi-professional French band".

Satan earned a reputation through numerous concerts, especially while touring with Caravan in 1974.

A first fine album is recorded with great attention in Angers in 1975. Despite the undeniable quality of this record, the music industry chose to ignore it and didn't distribute it. It was a great disappointment for Macson and his partners, who decided to end Satan a few months later.

Another of their music cover bands "Ciel d'Été" (which they had also set up in 1974) took over. Ciel d'Été successfully toured in the Pays de la Loire region during ten years before ending.

Nowadays, Macson is still very active at 65, multiplying solo concerts (guitar & vocals), or with his 60s / 70s Rock cover band "Macson le Groupe", and with "Blues Legend", his Blues and Blues-Rock styled group.

As a talented guitarist and a kind-hearted man, Macson likes to give a helping hand to his musician friends. That's what he did with Sandra Caroll and Nicolas Macsana.

Quite recently, thank's to musicologist Julien Thomas, Macson and his fans had the great pleasure of seeing Satan's mythic album edited at last, 41 years after its recording. It has been released in France, Spain, Italy and in the United States!

Macson played guitar on 4 songs of the album "So On" : "Face the Mirror", "So On", "Trouble" and "Hatred (Love)". He also did backing vocals on "Wholeness".


Musician: Flute

On the album "So On", Esther played flute on the song "A Kid of the World".


Sound Engineer (Master Studio)

Thierry started playing drums at the age of 14 in a Rock and Hard Rock cover band with his cousins.

In his early twenties, he was the drummer of several Hard Rock and Blues Rock bands.

At 22, he bought his first mixing desk and microphone in order to make a demo for his band.  One thing leading to another, he began recording other bands too.

Still, Thierry wanted to become a professional drummer and during 2 years he attended "The American School of Jazz" which really improved his musical skills. After this valuable training, he switched from Hard Rock to Fusion (jazz-rock) playing with semi-professional musicians.

And simultaneously he developed his studio as he got increasingly involved in recording albums and groups.

As a consequence more and more artists came to his studio and his reputation of "a very gifted sound engineer with excellent pitch" spread. As a snowball effect he acquired more sound recording equipment to boost the quality of his work. Eventually he built himself his own proper studio in Mulsanne and named it Master Studio where the best bands of the area came for the recording of their albums. The amount of work was so considerable that Thierry no longer had time to practice on his drums.

Master Studio's reputation grew so much that the best French rap groups, famous musicians (such as Peter Kingsbery, Manu Katché, Robert Charlebois, Tryo,...) and even majors (Sony Music...) wanted to work with Thierry.

Since then Thierry's studio has gained a great popularity throughout the French music industry.

Thierry recorded all the songs of the album "So On" at Master Studio. He also did the mixing (with Sandra Caroll and Nicolas Macsana) and the mastering.


Artist, Cartoonist et Illustrator

Éric spent his childhood in the South-eastern end Eastern parts of France.

He studied at the "École des Beaux Arts" and graduated at the age of 18.

He entered the comic strip business, drew "Chant d'Excalibur", based on Scotch Arleston's storyboard, "Ploneis l'Incertain" and illustrated two comic books "Topaze", adapted from Marcel Pagnol's novel.

Éric regularly introduces the comic strip activity to children in schools and in multimedia libraries.

Éric drew the front / back cover of the album "So On" and also created all the illustrations of Caroll Macsana & Friends, including those you can see in the Website.


Artist, Illustrator and Musician

For over 20 years, Alvaro Ortega works in newspapers, magazines, comic books, advertising and other graphic media, mostly in Spain. To date, he has published comic books, comic strips, art work, prints, posters, record covers and animations both locally and internationaly.

In the animation world, since 2006, he has been making a collection of clips movies themed around the Beatles pop iconography and other British groups of the 60s. Since then, he has done collaborations with several Beatles' tribute bands, producing animations to be used on stage. Many of these animations are released in Alvaro's YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/aalvarortega

Recently, he published a collection of large-format prints for the Spanish market. These, in different versions and updates, are now available in his online store.

Some references:

     - Illustration : Macworld, El País, Simo, Médecins sans frontières, El Mundo magazine, Popular Science, Crash Wines, Canal +, Thyssen Museum, etc.

     - Videos : Deniz Simon, Nacha Pop, Los Negativos, José Estragos Band, Hombres G, The Vinylos, The Taxi Talk, The Rabeats, the "Beatoons"...

     - Comic : "Los Arquitectos", "Revillos", "Magenta y los Patentados", "Me puede repetir la pregunta", etc.

Alvaro did the videoclip "Uncertainty". Il also did the animations for the videoclip "Love".